TREKK to the Clouds

TREKK to the Clouds

Live this amazing experience in the NorthWest region of Argentina. Walking in the mountains through the ancient Inca trail, this journey will take you to discover ruins, spectacular views and landscapes.Trekking to the Clouds
Enjoy warm moments with local inhabitants sharing dinners and campfire in camping sites. Break on through the clouds and join this adventure!!

Upcoming departures confirmed for 2018

April 28 (full moon) / May 26 (full moon) / June 23 / July 21 (only confluence version) / August 25 (full moon) / September 22 (full moon) / October 27 / November 24

Location: Salta, Argentina
Difficulty: moderate
Season: April to December(check about other dates).
Departures: regular on Wednesdays. Check about confirmed dates.
- Trekking to the clouds (4 days / 3 nights)
- Trekking to the clouds Express (3 days / 2 nights)
Price: See the Tours Price List

Trekking to the Clouds is a unique adventure that can be experienced in two different versions:

  TREKK to the Clouds "San Lorenzo" TREKK to the clouds "Confluencia"
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights 3 days / 2 nights
Starts in: Salta (Bus to Ingeniero Maury)  Salta (Bus to Ingeniero Maury)
Ends in: San Lorenzo (Bus to Salta) Astilleros River Transfer 4x4 to Salta
Distance: 48 km. 32 km.
Starting height: 2378 masl 2378 masl
Finishing height: 1479 masl 1815 masl
Maximum height: 3410 masl 3410 masl


Trekking to the Clouds "San Lorenzo" Version

The full version of trekking begins at the foot of Mount Golgota in Ingeniero Maury and ends four days later in Quebrada de San Lorenzo, right next to Salta city. The full itinerary takes us along an
old Inca trail amid landscapes of great contrasts. The first part of the tour takes place in a dry and arid climate. During the final part we´ll enter the rainforests of Salta’s Yunga.
Along the route we will be in contact with nature and the culture of a particular area of Salta.
Starting at the Quebrada del Toro, our first ascent will be surrounded by cardones(giant cactus) and will reveal the snowy peaks of Cerro San Miguel and Acay.

Trekking San Lorenzo

The trail leads to visit ruins of what one was the southern part of the Inca empire in the archaeological site of “Sillon del Inca” (Inca Seat). We continue the trip by visiting the local inhabitants of the area, who work their fields and breed their livestock over 3,000 meters high. Camping sites and dinners will be the time to share moments with the group and sometimes with local inhabitants when we
camp near their homes at night. It is worth mentioning the quality of the meals being included and the organization of camping sites. We want to walk together on the mountain, but then enjoy comfortable camps. Therefore we strive to provide quality service in both the variety and choice of menus, snacks, breakfasts and food offered. Also by the equipment that we provide in the camps. No eating on the floor or inside the tents. Our camps include a dining tent, tables, benches, cutlery and tableware. And a glass of wine each night to foster fellowship and relaxation in the mountains.

Trekking to the Clouds "Confluencia" version

This version is offered with one day less of activity. Share with the main group the first two days of the circuit and then takes a side trail upon arrival to Astilleros river. After a connection walk of about 4 kilometers, a transfer out in 4x4 vehicle to the city of Salta it is provided. This version of the route reaches the western border of the Yunga forest.

trekking confluencia


Special Note: The Operator reserves the right to alter camp site locations due to weather, logistics or operational reasons. The Operator reserves the right to revert departure and arrival locations due to weather, logistics or operational reasons. The Operator reserves the right to alter camp site locations due to weather, logistics or operational reasons. Therefore walking time, distances, ascent and descent can be altered.

The Trip includes

  • Local bus ticket Salta Ing Maury and ticket Quebrada de San Lorenzo to Salta;
  • Trekking to the Clouds Express includes transfer to Salta from Astilleros river;
  • Equipment needed for camp. (Tents, cooking utensils, heaters, etc.);
  • Specialized Bilingual Guide (Spanish / English) throughout the program. An additional assistant in groups of 6 or more travellers;
  • All meals detailed in program specification (B: breakfast; L: lunch; BXL: Box lunch; S: snack; D: dinner);
  • Load of individual luggage: sleeping bag, clothing and insulation up to 7 kg;
  • 3 nights camping (Trekking to the Clouds) / 2 nights camping (Express);
  • First aid equipment. Spot satellite for emergencies.

Trip does not include

  • Flight tickets;
  • Personal expenses and tips;
  • Meals not mentioned in the program;
  • Nights Hotel in Salta;
  • Sleeping bags;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Health Insurance.

About Rates

  • Taxes: VAT is included in all rates;
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice. The prices are confirmed at time of the reservation and full payment only;
  • Rates expressed in US Dollars.

Recommended Equipment


  • Sun cap;
  • Wool cap;
  • Buff or soft cotton scarf;
  • Mountain lenses with UV filter and side shields.

Upper Body

  • Long sleeve shirt polypropylene (one);
  • Cotton shirt short sleeve or polypropylene (two);
  • Jacket / polar jacket (one);
  • Jacket / goretex;
  • jacket or waterproof breathable fabric. (A);
  • Jacket / duvet jacket. (A).


  • First skin polypropylene gloves;
  • Thick fleece gloves.

Lower Body

  • Polypropylene leggings.(one);
  • Dryfit and windproof trousers goretex or similar. (One)


  • Long socks (1 pair of cotton y 1 synthetic);
  • Trekking boots;
  • Comfortable shoes.

Technical Equipment

  • Trekking poles;
  • Backpack (35 liters);
  • Sleeping bag (at least 10° C);
  • Water bottle or Camelback (+ 900 cc.);
  • Insulating mat;
  • Headlamp with batteries;
  • 1 big bag to carry personal luggage and sleeping bag (to be carried by mules).

Personal Items

  • Sunscreen cream;
  • Lips protector;
  • Personal hygiene bag;
  • Personal toiletries kit;
  • Personal items: camera,mp3 music player, ebook reader.

General Terms and Conditions

This adventure trip is a product made jointly by three companies of outstanding experience in Salta. Departures will be operated interchangeably for any of these three operator companies. In each departure it will be detailed who will be responsible for tour operation. In order to establish these conditions, we refer to "Operator" responsible.
Operator reserves for itself the right to modify the itinerary or cancel any of the activities when any natural cause or of any other nature justifies it in favor of the safety of the group.
This is a program that develops between 2000 and 3400 meters. While these heights are completely safe for doing activities, a minimum period of acclimatization is recommended.
The trail where the activity takes place is consolidated and along the route there are no major difficulties. However, the hiking is an activity that carries some risks as it occurs in a natural environment and mountain geography. Therefore, the program provides escape routes in case of emergency. On the first night the evacuation is via Ingeniero Maury, the second night is via the Astilleros river in 4x4 vehicle (after a few hours walking), the third night is down the Quebrada de San Lorenzo.
In case you need to evacuate due to health problems, neglect or accidents outside the organization, evacuation costs will be paid by travellers. Also, the operator is not liable for medical expenses that may arise from any accident or health problem, beyond first aid care that is part of the services provided for this activity. It is recommended to have some kind of health insurance or health coverage that provides coverage in Salta or methods of reimbursement of medical expenses that the traveler may incur.

Booking Confirmation and Payment

Booking will be effective after a payment of 30% of the total and only after the money is actually credited to our account by customer order. The price freezes only with full payment of the reservation.
Booking must be fully paid and credited to the account of the operator 10 days before the departure. Otherwise, it will be cancelled, and subject to cancellation policies described below.

Cancellation Policies

If the traveller decides to cancel, it must be notified via email.
If the cancellation is notified more than 30 days prior to departure, the traveler will be refunded for all the money paid to the Operator. Bank charges must be paid by the traveller.
If the cancellation occurs between 11 and 30 days before the departure date, a penalty of 30% of the price of the program is established.
For cancellations 10 or less days prior to the departure of the group, there will be no refund.


The Operator reserves for itself the right to modify the itinerary or cancel any of the activities for climate reasons or any other warrants for the safety of the group. If the activity is suspended before the start of activities, the traveller will be refunded the full amount paid. If the suspension or change after the start of the activity, there will be no refund.
The Operator is not responsible for any expenses travelers may incur derived from a cancellation of the trip before departure or after departure (such as hotel expenses, meals,
transfers,etc). acts only as agents in matters related to the trip and assume no liability for any injury, death, loss, accident or delay to person or property, due to errors provided by a person or persons providing any of the services included in the tours, or whether by strikes, weather conditions or force majeure.
The cost of delay is not included, either because of bad weather, poor road conditions, transportation delays, government intervention, sickness, labor strikes, force majeure or any other contingency which our company can anticipate.