Puna & Salt Flats

Salt Flats

  • LOCATION SALT FLATS: 23°38′S, 66°05′O
  • LOCATION PURMAMARCA: 23°43′60"S, 65°28′60"O
  • ALTITUDE: Between 1.180 msnm and 4.010 msnm
  • REGIONS: Puna, Salta Flats and Humahuaca Canyon.
  • WILDLIFE: Llamas, Vicuñas (wild), Guanacos, and different birds.
This is a trip that combines two tours of longer duration. A trip to San Antonio de los Cobres, and a visit to the Quebrada de Humahuaca, knowing the village of Purmamarca and passing earlier by Salinas Grandes.

The landscape that runs can hardly be forgotten, the Quebrada del Toro surprised by their shapes and colors.The Salt Flats or Salinas Grandes, located mostly in Jujuy territory, and have an area of approx. 212 sq km, are ideal for experimenting with the photo camera because of its large dimensions and perspective generated by the distance to the horizon. And Purmamarca also surprised by the colors of its geography and culture.


It begins doing the same route as San Antonio de los Cobres, entering by the "Quebrada del Toro" and knowing the various attractions of the area. Arrival to San Antonio.
Then begins the most inhospitable part of the journey. Passing through the Polvorilla Viaduct, is progressing on route 40, where there are almost no inhabitants, in the direction of the Salt Flats (Salinas Grandes). The magnificent view of the road shows impressive Tuzgle Volcano, with its 5.500msnm and the opportunity to photograph wild animals like the Vicuña.
In Jujuy territory the Salt Flats surprised since they are divisible for the first time. It makes a stop here to enjoy so strange landscape like to take pictures.
Then moving up the so-called Cuesta de Lipan, whose highest point is 4010 meters above sea level. It drops its endless curves to the village of Purmamarca, in the Quebrada de Humahuaca and famous for its Cerro de los 7 colores.
Return to Salta after a brief visit to San Salvador de Jujuy. 

  • DISTANCE: 600 Km. aprox.
  • DURATION: Full Day(12 hs aprox.)
  • TIMES: From 07:00 hs. to 19:00 hs. aprox .
  • INCLUDE: Transportation, guides and insurance.
  • NOT INCLUDE: Food and beberages.
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