Tour to Iruya

Iruya Church

  • LOCATION: 22°46′56"S, 65°14′00"O
  • ALTITUDE: 2780 msnm
  • POPULATION: 6.370 hab. (INDEC, 2001)
  • AREA CODE: A4633
  • DISTANCE FROM SALTA: 320 km. aprox.

Iruya town was founded in the 1753. But its origin dates back a century before of their foundation. Records of birth found in the parish of Humahuaca (Jujuy province), testify that a century before its founding settlements already existed at the site.
These were mainly indigenous settlements whose more remote backgrounds are the Ocloyas, a town belonging to ethnic Kolla, who derive from the Kollasuyo, one of the four regions of the former Tahuantinsuyo (Inca empire).

Many ruins scattered nearby, testify to a more or less homogeneous ethnic group before the arrival of the Spaniards. An example are the ruins of Titicónte, located 8 km. east of Iruya.
The first inhabitants practiced agriculture and animal husbandry. Both in very low scale, only for the livelihood of its residents. They cultivated corn, potatoes, ocas, etc. At the same time raise sheep, goats and llamas.
As happened in ancient times, barter in Iruya is one of the more traditional commercial activities being conducted at present to meet the needs of the town.
This small and old town, whose name means "Place of high grassland," is surrounded by two rivers, The Coranzulí and Milmahuasi.

It has a colonial-style building, which dominates the mud, stones and straw for their construction. Its streets are very narrow and steep, which are paved to prevent erosion of water.
The most curious of the place is that its inhabitants still retain costumes and traditions for over 250 years.
Until the town can be reached by vehicle, but to know the surroundings are needed to be in good condition to walk or as is customary in the region, backs of mules.

A magical place, that the traveler does not pass unnoticed. Reaching to this far town becomes a real adventure.
Much of the road to get there, go inside Jujuy province territory, until reach the town of Humahuaca, where is the diversion to Iruya.
Taking this diversion, the first interesting point is the Iturbe Station. After endless curves and always climbing, you reach the highest point of the trail, "Abra del Condor" with 4000 meters above sea level and which serves as a natural boundary between the provinces of Salta and Jujuy.
After passing this point began a descent of 1220 meters in 19 km. to Iruya. The vision that is before reaching the village is impressive. For this reason, many have termed as a "hanging of the hill town"

  • DISTANCE: 800 km. aprox.
  • DURATION: 2 days
  • TIMES: From 07:00 hs. (First Day) to 19:00 hs. (second day).
  • INCLUDE: Transfers, guides and insurance.
  • NOT INCLUDE: Accommodation, Food and drinks.
  • PRICE PER PERSON: See the Tours Price List