Salta City Tour

City Tour in Salta

Salta City was founded in 1582 by Hernando de Lerma, under orders from the Virrey Toledo (Spanish crown).
Today the city has grown considerably, but keeps intact the colonial spirit in many of its most important monuments and houses, making it the best city in Argentina which has preserved its architectural legacy.

The city tour in Salta City consists of a walk or bike short distances linking its historic monuments, the city centre and its environs.

In this walk are known places of greater attractiveness of the city:

  • The central square (July 9) with its monument to General Arenales;
  • The Catedral Basílica;
  • The Museum of Archaeology high Mountain (MAAM), where are the Llullaillaco mummies;
  • The North Historical Museumthe Colonial Museum and the Fine Arts Museum;
  • The Cabildo;
  • The San Francisco Church;
  • The San Bernardo convent;
  • The Gral. Güemes monument, at the foot of the hill;
  • Up the San Bernardo Hill, where they have an overview of the entire city and its environs, with optional download with the cable car;
  • Monument to the Battle of Salta and  20 de Febrero Park;
  • The historic building where is the Artisan market.


  • DISTANCE: 100 km. aprox.
  • DURATION: 4 hs aprox.
  • INCLUDE: Transfers, guides and insurance.
  • NOT INCLUDE:  Museum entrances.
  • PRICE PER PERSON: See the Tours Price List

NOTE: We also have an option of City Tour unconventional call "Urban hike".