Tour to Cafayate

Shells Gorge

  • LOCATION: 24°54′00"S, 65°29′00"O
  • ALTITUDE: 1.683 msnm
  • POPULATION: 11.785 hab. (INDEC, 2001)
  • AREA CODE: A4427
  • FOUNDATION: 1640 (Manuel Fernando de Aramburu)

The Cafayate area is famous for its vineyards, for their excellent wines (the best grape is the Torrontés type) and its wineries.
It is one of the most important cities inside of the tour to the calchaqui Valley.

The tour starts going to the south of the Lerma´s Valley, knowing for the cultivation of tabacco and towns of colonial architecture, linked to the Independence of Argentina.
After entering the Canyon "De las Conchas" (or Cafayate), knowing amazing and capricious images eroded by wind and water, as the Devil's Throat and the Amphitheatre, among others.
Once in Cafayate the tour visit its monuments, buildings, and can not miss a visit to some of its famous wineries, where you can learn all about the famous wine that is produced in the region.

THE TRIP TO CAFAYATE: Places that are known:

Lermas´s Valley: Cerrillos Town, La Merced, El Carril and Coronel Moldes.
Quebrada de las Conchas: Visit within the Quebrada to the diferents attractions such as the amphitheater, The Devil's Throat, El Sapo, El Fraile, The Obelisco, The Castles, Etc.
Cafayate: A route through the town, visiting the main square, Church, wineries, Artisan Market, etc.
Then begins the return to Salta.

  • DISTANCE: 390 km. aprox.
  • DURATION: Full Day (12 hs aprox.)
  • TIMES: From 07:00 hs. to 19:00 hs. aprox.
  • INCLUDE: Transfers, guides and insurance.
  • NOT INCLUDE: Food and drinks.
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