Tour to Cachi

Wonderful view from Bishop Slope

  • LOCATION: 25°48′24"S, 64°58′0"O
  • ALTITUDE: 2.280 msnm.
  • POPULATION: 7.243 hab. (INDEC, 2001)
  • POSTAL CODE: A4417

Cachi is a beautiful village, located northwest of the Calchaquí Valleys, rested on the eastern side of the "Nevado de Cachi", a mole of 6720 meters. and bordered by the Calchaquí river, who was born not far from there, in the tops of the "Nevado de Acay", another mole of 5950 meters above sea level.

Its name derives from a confusion that took the natives, who mistook the snowy summit of the hill with a saline. This is not so unreasonable, considering that the region abounds in salt and its summit never before achieved, or were not reported until then.


It begins touring part of the Lerma´s Valley, through Cerrillos, La Merced to the village of El Carril, where he took a detour in the direction of Chicoana. It was admitted by the "Quebrada de Los Laureles", visiting Escoipe, where was filmed the movie "La  Guerra Gaucha" It continues to "El Maray" and was admitted to the fantastic "Cuesta del Obispo", with panoramic views of the "Valle Encantado", and then reach the 3348 meters in the "Piedra del Molino" (Stone of the Mill), the highest point of the trail. From this point there is a terrific overview.

It begins the descent through the "Los Cardones National Park", where thousands of Cardones and fauna are protected, until the town of Payogasta, then continue to Cachi, where they know their archaeological museum, the cemetery and the Church and other interesting places of the town.

  • DISTANCE: 230 km .
  • DURATION: Full Day(12 hs aprox.)
  • TIMES: From 07:00 hs. to 19:00 hs. aprox .
  • INCLUDE: Transportation, guides and insurance.
  • NOT INCLUDE: Food and beberages.
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