MTB Downhill Cuesta del Obispo

Mountain Bike Downhill Cuesta del Obispo

  • Difficulty Level: Medium. For people with good physical condition ready to withstand a sharp drop.
  • Region: Lerma´s Valley / Cordillera Oriental / Cuesta del Obispo (bishop).
  • Departure times: From April to November. The rest of the months, the outlets will be conditioned by the weather.
  • Price: See the Tours Price List
  • Includes: Transports, equipment (including bicycles, helmets, reflective vests, etc.), lunch (picnic), sweet and salty snacks, mineral water, bilingual guides and Insurances.
This is an adrenaline downhill in mountainbike since the 3348 meters.
We arrived by car to Piedra del Molino(Stone Mill), the highest point on the road to Cachi, after a winding climb by Cuesta del Obispo (Bishop Slope).
This stone was owned by one of the old mills that were in the area (some still work). They tried to lower it to the the Lerma´s Valley, but the road at that time was very dangerous and nobody will encourage you to continue.

At this point we prepared the bicycles and the action begins. It begins rapidly downhill across the slope, stopping at various points to admire the scenery, search Condors and learn a little bit of the mountains.

Then, an optional of 10 km. more to road in the ashphalt.